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password-free authentication


Eliminate the single largest hole in your security: passwords

We've built a new kind of distributed database that updates without passing sensitive data over the wire. We use this groundbreaking patent-pending technology to create unforgeable credentials.  Login to your enterprise and mobile apps without transmitting the username or password. 

Data breach insurance

Security + Peace of Mind

RevAuth now can include something no other software does: peace of mind. By installing RevAuth healthcare organizations qualify for Data Breach Insurance. Installing RevAuth reduces your premiums by 50%. Data Breach Insurance covers regulatory fines from HIPAA violations.

Why DO you need data breach insurance?

  • The Hard reality

    "There are only two kinds of companies, those who have been hacked and those who don't know they have been hacked"-FBI DIRECTOR James Comey. The world has made a trillion-dollar bet on web software. The Web is a network of documents built with an open standard that is inherently not secure. In order for the Web to work there must be a certain standard of openness. The Web was never designed to do what it is being asked to do today. The result is a very profitable illegal trade in personal data that is stored on the web. An electronic health record is worth $50 on the black market as opposed to $1 for a Facebook username and password. A hacker or social engineer can make a substantial amount acquiring what most people consider something of little or no value: their username and password.

  • It matters

    Data risk management is much more than a technical or compliance issue. A 2014 study on cybercrime, conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of cybercrime in 2010, per company, was $5.6 million. In only four years, that increased 95% to $12.7 million per company in 2014. Studies conducted by Verizon, in 2013, found that the majority of data breaches on businesses occurred at those that had fewer than 100 employees. The average costs of one successful cyberattack on a small business was $8,700. To an SMB like a doctor's practice that's the difference in making and not making payroll. Whether you are a big corporation or an SMB, data breaches often cause customers to flee to a competitor and the loss of consumer trust isn't factored into those costs.

  • do the math

    In the health-care field the minimum fine for a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act violation involving willful neglect is $1.5 million — and most data breaches involve multiple HIPAA violations. Ponemon Research conducts annual studies on the cost of a data breach, is around $200 per record. But that number doesn’t include the hard-to-calculate costs like brand impact, business distraction, class-action lawsuits.Forty-six states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have enacted data breach notification laws. These costs can run anywhere between $8 and $12 per month per victim, and the term length can be either one or two years. Most people buy the fire extinguisher after the fire. It is important to realize the cost of not having coverage can put you out of business.

  • You are a target

    Direct attacks by hackers only account for about six percent of health-care data breaches. The other 94% are caused by employee errors and transgressions: losing laptops containing unencrypted data, snooping into celebrity files, and so on. Social Engineering accounts for the majority of all methods. Social engineering is a non-technical method of intrusion hackers use that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into giving up their username and password. 1 in 3 adults uses the same password for multiple logins. This means the same password for Facebook is used for your enterprises apps. All the super expensive cybersecurity technology in the world is powerless in the face of human error. With RevAuth you eliminate the problem at the source


Frictionless adoption

1. Download revauth from the app store.
2. You need a desktop computer with an internet connection.
3. Pair your phone with the revauth server on your computer.
4. Never type in your username or password again. 

Effortless to install

Simply add a few lines of code to your enterprise or mobile app, and you're done. RevAuth does not use http or javascript and so your app is 100% secure. 

Simple to provision

Users self provision by downloading and installing RevAuth on their phones. They send a request to the Admin to be added to group. This means one click user provisioning.


Users are notified when a RevAuth enabled app requests to log in. They can accept or deny requests. The system uses block-chain technology which creates an immutable record. 



*we do not sell or disclose your email to anyone


Protect Your Mobile Apps

Our Developer program offers developers and enterprises the ability to brand Revauth and use the technology to protect mobile retail apps

 Add RevAuth authentication service to your mobile apps or SAAS offering. Help your customers protect your data. RevAuth Developer is a white label license that developers can brand and integrate into their apps. Protect your customers data with RevAuth Developer.

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